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Pleasant Aiken born in 1768 died May 26, 1847 (age 78) (another site states 1765 as birth year)

14 August 1797. Pleasant Aiken and Anne Gill. Married by Rev. Needler Robinson, Rector Dale Parish, Episcopal Church. Ministers’ Returns. Chesterfield County, Virginia

Married Ann Marie Nollner in 1814 (Born about 1799, Died March 15, 1865)

Son: James Henry Aiken

Son: Bernard O. Aiken Died August 24,1862

Anna Maria Nollner


Varina Plantation AKA Varina Farms AKA Aiken's Landing

In 1828 Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr., sold Varina Plantation to Pleasant Aiken
of Petersburg, whose son and heir, Albert M. Aiken, built the present Varina
plantation house, a relatively late expression of the Classical Revival,
just before the Civil War. Aiken's Landing became one of two major points in
the South where Union and Confederate prisoners of war could be exchanged.
In the mind-19th centruy a romantic legend arose linking Varina Neck with
John Rolfe and Pocahantas, a tale which lingers to this day."
Deane Ferguson Mills
York County, VA

An overhead view is visible from Google Maps. Coordinates 37.3818148°N 77.3360907°W

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  1. Dan excellent work. I am currently researching Pleasant Akin and his ancestral lines. I hope to post additional information in the near future.